When you both need to talk and are both ready to talk things through. It is no good just one of you wanting to seek counselling, it is a two way street and will work best when you are both willing to give it another go.

Not just for couples, all relationships, when they are not working will ensure we feel unhappy. 
Relationships in general can be healthy but they can be equally toxic. One of my clients felt that some old relationships were having a negative effect on them , so a bit like having a spring clean they put distance between themselves and the others. For some people this can work. but we are not all the same. Relationships whether they are between family members or friends can be extremely difficult and in some cases detrimental to our well being and health. 
We spend a lot of time at our work and our relationships with our co-workers and bosses alike can also have a bad effect on our well being. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and look at it all from a different angle or a different perspective and to re-access the whole relationship.

Counselling allows you to take the time and really think about the relationship, what do you want from it, how do you expect to be treated is the relationship good or bad for you? Do you welcome that friends call or do you dread it? Counselling gives you a different perspective in a safe and confidential space where you will not be judged for what you think or feel.