Being a carer is a demanding role, and it's essential to prioritise your well-being. Here are some steps to support you: 

1. Carer's Assessment: 

  • Contact your local council for a carer's assessment. It helps identify your needs and offers support. 
  • Outcomes may include respite care, local support groups, or equipment to ease your caring role. 

2. Register as a Carer with Your GP: 

  • Inform your doctor about your caregiving responsibilities. 
  • You might be eligible for additional health services, such as a free flu jab. 

3. Make Time for Yourself: 

  • Prioritize your interests and hobbies. Even small breaks matter. 
  • Seek support from friends, family, or local day centers.

4. Take Breaks from Caring: 

  • Respite care is crucial. It prevents exhaustion. 
  • Explore options like volunteer companions, short stays in care homes, or day centers for the person you care for.

5. Financial Support: 

  • Apply for Carer's Allowance (£69.70/week) if you care for someone at least 35 hours/week and earn less than £132/week. 
  • Use an online benefits calculator to check other financial entitlements. 

6. Work Considerations: 

  • Inform your employer about your caring responsibilities. 
  • Explore flexible working options if needed.

Remember, caring for yourself is essential to provide better care for your loved one. Seek support, take breaks, and prioritize your well-being. You're not alone!

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